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About us

ATI, (Adaptive Technology Inc.) is a 5o1c3 non profit corporation registered in the state of Missouri and special interest affiliate of the Missouri Council of the Blind.

Our Mission

1. ATI was created to serve it's members with news of the adaptive technology world. Whether it be new hardware or software that has been made available to the visually impaired, or tips and tricks on how to make these products work for them.
2. Assist, encourage, and support the development of new aaddaptive technology for the blind.

3. Adaptive Equipment

ATI tries to obtain through donations or other means serviceable adaptive equipment to provide to our members who might not otherwise be able to afford such equipment.

4. MCB Convention

ATI sponsors the adaptive technology room at the annual MCB convention. We attempt to bring adaptive technology manufactures and resellers to demonstrate the latest in adaptive equipment for the visually impaired.


ATI membership is open to all Missourians thirteen years and over. When you join ATI you automatically be come a member of MCB. So if you are a MCB member at large and become a paid member of ATI you will no longer have to pay dues to MCB. ATI will do this for you.

The MCB bylaws restrict membership to residents of the state of Missouri. Therefore, ATI membership is restricted to Missouri residents also.

The cost to be a ATI member is $15& annually. To join ATI -   Click Here to become a member

ATI forum

ATI has an email chat list where members can discuss adaptive technology, ask questions, get help with a problem...
The list serve is free and open to anyone. To Subscribe - 

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Adaptive Technology,inc
Missouri Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired Office
5453 Chippewa
St. Louis, MO 63109
Main Office Phone Number:(314) 832-7172
Toll-free (800) 342-5632

Fax: (314) 832-7796